Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cindy sherman

This is Darlene Cavil, 23 years old. She has gone through a lot  of hardships throughout her life. When she was thirteen her father raped her, constantly abused her physically and emotionally. Throughout her school years, it was hard for Darlene to concentrate and do well in school. She dropped out of high school. Darlene has a mental illness. Often times she is clinically depressed or other times very happy. Also Darlene gets really anxious. These symptoms all together, receive the name of bipolar disorder. It was hard for darlene to deal with this issue, but found some relieve when she started drinking and using drugs.  She moved out of her house and started living with her boyfriend. She finally came to realize that her only way of getting out her miserable life is suicide. Since Darlene just broke up with her boyfriend, she has nowhere to go, no one to ask for help, she feels worthless and successfully commits suicide.